April 2010
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Application update April 17/18
April 11, 2010

I plan to release a new application update the next weekend (April 17 to 18). Please be aware that there could happen some problem at the beginning, don't expect everything to run as usual at that weekend. I hope this will fix these bugs: http://www.freehal.org/node/637 http://www.freehal.org/node/636 http://www.freehal.org/node/631 -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

Bugfix: AC or RAC?
March 26, 2010
Today I got a mail from the ESL Team pointing out that there has been a problem with many user's RAC. Since several weeks no RAC updates happened, so the RAC of users not active anymore has not been reduced. This bug has been fixed. -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

BOINC Version 6.10.36: so-called 'feature' causes problems with non-CPU projects
March 16, 2010
Zydor explained the problem in the FreeHAL forum: http://www.freehal.org/node/628#comment-3413 -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

About the current server problems / Database issue
March 01, 2010
Since the weekend I have a problem with the work unit database I have not fixed completely yet. Please look here: http://www.freehal.org/node/621#comment-3388 -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

Current problems
February 04, 2010
After working well in January, since a few days ago denial of service attacks happen. Now most IP adresses are blocked... I have released a new application version 1.30 except for linux 64 bit because of a compilation problem. It should be available in a few days. -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz


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