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July 2010
We need your help!


As opposed to other BOINC projects, there is no organization or sponsor behind FreeHAL, but the project's servers cost 140? every month. FreeHAL is financed by donations.

What exactly is FreeHAL or FreeHAL@home? The FreeHAL project's mission is to develop a computer program which very closely imitates human conversation. FreeHAL consists of a server application and several frontends, a cross-platform GUI and a web interface.

FreeHAL@home is the corresponding BOINC project which is responsible for generating and converting fact databases for FreeHAL. They can be used by the "normal" FreeHAL application.
How many donations are needed? We need 140 Euros per month for the project's servers. You can find more details about our expenses here.

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