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Freehal back again
Sep 03, 2011

Sorry, I was very busy during the last weeks because I'm going to university soon and I needed to look for a flat and I haven't been much at home. So I didn't had much time for Freehal, and, to be honest, I also needed to take a vacation from Freehal, it's sometimes stressful and there are also other things in life. Now I can spend more time for Freehal and BOINC again.

-- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

CloudSigma does not extend our sponsoring agreement
May 01, 2011
During the last months the Freehal Project hosted some free servers at CloudSigma, a cloud computing provider from Switzerland. Unfortunately CloudSigma decided not to extend our sponsoring agreement. But nevertheless we plan to distribute new workunits in June.

It would be very helpful if somebody who has some bandwidth left could provide a http mirror for us. Please contact us at [email protected] if you do. Maybe someone also would like to sponsor a server for example for a month, as members from SETI.Germany and Planet3DNow! did.

We wish CloudSigma much luck and success in the future.

-- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

CloudSigma supports Freehal for at least one year
February 27, 2011
Since August 2010 the cloud computing provider CloudSigma supports the Freehal project by offering servers for free. They are used for our BOINC project FreeHAL@home and for Freehal the application.

Today CloudSigma decided to continue this support for the next 12 months. We would like to thank CloudSigma for supporting our research since we need much resources in order to be successful in developing our artificial intelligence software. This is a great cooperation and we are very pleased with Cloudsigma's decision to support us for the whole next year. -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

FreeHAL will stop sending Workunits for 6 months
December 05, 2010
FreeHAL will stop sending Workunits to your Computers for the next 6 Months.

I'm currently in the High School and will do my Graduation in Spring 2011. Thus I won't have much time to spend with the FreeHAL@home Project.

So FreeHAL will probably have just a few or no Workunits at all for your Computers during the next 6 Months. Of cause the Project servers, the Settings, Credits, the Forums and all that stuff will stay online and will always be available to you.

Starting in June 2011 the FreeHAL Project will continue. I was hoping that this Decision could have been avoided but as I won't be available to solve issues the next Months, i think in that way I can avoid problems and issues to rise and remain unsolved.

See here:

-- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz

Server problems
November 23, 2010
When there are any problems at FreeHAL, please keep something in mind: I'm the only one at Freehal who administrates the servers and I'm doing my Abitur (Germany) right now, so I don't have the time I had one or two years before. If you are familiar with Linux and you would like to help us, no problem. But if you don't, don't abuse my mailbox to blame me. Those people who do would not be able to do it better. I'm doing this in my free time and there is a lot more to do than just looking at the servers. -- Best Regards, Tobias Schulz


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